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youtube channel where found videos of eclipse?

i used a program that passes the movies straight to your computer :s

Favorite scenes of Eclipse; Jack says he kissed Bella.

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where he found this video of breaking dawn?


Breaking Dawn - part 2;

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How many blogs do you follow?

18 alçkslaçk

TAYLOR: It was 38 degrees Fahrenheit. I was wearing nothing but little jean shorts. That would’ve been bad enough, but we - obviously it was raining but it wasn’t real rain, it was rain tower rain. They took the water straight from the spring, so it was ice cold rain on top of us. That was pretty miserable. And yes, Kristen did everything I did, so she was there next to me the whole time. We filmed that scene for 12 straight hours. And Kristen had contacts in her eyes, and it was just…
KRISTEN: Googly eyes, literally. The rain was like pushing them out, they were swirling around in my head.

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assuntos do outro tumblr, no outro tumblr… por favor.